Monday, May 25, 2009

MTM--no theme today!

Today's MTM had no theme...which I was actually grateful for. We just walked in the door from camping over Memorial weekend & it is grocery day. Hubby came up with today's "theme". It is his usual choice for a "fend for yourself" meal. Once again...this is a bad camera died over the weekend.....

top row: multigrain cheerios, lucky charms, frosted flakes
bottom row: apple jacks, honey bunches of oats, fruit loops

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handprint Tulips

Kaden's last day of preschool is today, so decorated some plain gift bags for his teacher's gift. I didn't go as step by step this time, but it is really simple. With Kaden's I only painted his 3 middle fingers (not his thumb or pinkie). You want to have the kids keep their fingers together. Then he drew on the stems, leaves, & a sun.

Preston wanted to make his picture for Memaw. For his I did all of his fingers except his thumb & I kind of like that better. He had fun with the paint brush after.

Monday, May 18, 2009

MTM-Choose Your Own Theme

Today's MTM theme over at Her Cup Overfloweth was to choose your own theme. I had a really fun robot theme planned until the weekend started & the boys were not feeling well. So instead of the robot theme...our theme is now "Dr's orders...sick kids". We went into the dr. this morning & Kaden has an ear infection & they both have swollen glands & red throats. They did a rapid strep culture for Preston & luckily it came back negative..hopefully the normal culture will be negative too! They both have had stomach aches & all of the fun stuff that comes with it...I will spare you all of the details! It has been quite a weekend. They have been so excited for MTM, so I am glad that I could at least give them that! At least we still did a theme! So, here is what we did...

Top Row: Gaterade, Raspberry Jell-O, Strawberry Banana yogurt, Apple Sauce
Bottom Row: Bananas, Chicken Noodle Soup, Crackers

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun with Marshmallows

I do not make it a habit to feed my children marshmallows for a snack, but I saw this somewhere & thought it was such a cute idea. It really got their creative juices flowing!

Here is what you need:

I set everything out on a plate for them & set them loose. Preston had fun sticking marshmallows on the toothpicks. After a little while, he ate every marshmallow as quickly as he could shoved them in his mouth. It was really funny!

Here is Preston playing...

Here is his completed project...

Kaden on the other hand...loved playing & building things. He made a robot, a tank, a canon, & tons of other shapes. Kaden enjoyed eating the marshmallow, too! Preston tried to steal some of Kaden's was pretty funny!

This is his canon...

Here is Kaden's robot...

Monday, May 11, 2009

MTM-Children's Literature

Wow, I am so late getting this posted. We took a trip to the library this morning & then had to do our grocery shopping, so we had a late lunch. Today's MTM theme is Children's Literature. I was trying to decide what to do last week when Kaden had me recite the "Green Eggs & Ham" story using Cauliflower instead of Green Eggs & Ham. It is not very original, but it fits. Our city just opened a new library about a month ago & it is so close to our house. We have been going there every week & each time the boys choose at least one Dr. Seuss book. I decided to do a collaboration with a few Dr. Seuss books. I used Green Eggs & Ham, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, & Bartholomew and the Oobleck. (I can't find my these were taken from my phone!)

Here is what we ate:

Strawberry Milk (pink ink from 1 fish 2 fish)
Top: Green Eggs (from GE&H), Swedish Fish (red fish from 1 fish 2 fish), green vanilla pudding (Oobleck from Batholomew & the Oobleck)
Bottom: Green Ham (from GE&H), Green Ham (from GE&H), gold fish crackers (the fish from the Cat in the Hat)

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Monday, May 4, 2009

MTM-No Theme

Today's MTM didn't have a theme. Here is what we had:

Crackers, Cheese, Cauliflower & Carrots
Assorted Fruits, Ranch Dressing, & Pepperoni

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Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Craft

This morning we started a May Day Craft. It was inspired by this picture. I am not sure where I got it from...SORRY!

This is as far as Kaden's is done. Preston didn't even want to color his flowers. I don't think FORCING them to craft is the best thing, so our project sits waiting patiently at the table. If the boys decide to finish..I will post it. Happy May Day!


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