Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Kaden

About 2 years ago, my sweet Kaden was diagonsed with Amblyopia {or Lazy Eye}. He was 3 at the time. We started to notice his left eye was turning in at times. My oldest little baby had to wear glasses. I was hopeful that this would fix the issue & glasses aren't so bad. {I have worn them for 18 years.} There are worse things that could happen. Plus, he looks so handsome in them.

For a while, the glasses seemed to fix the problem. But, slowly...his eye began to wander even with his glasses on. So, we moved onto the next step. Patching his strong eye {right} to make his weaker eye {left} have to work harder. I struggled with this step. I was grateful that we were able to work on streghtening his eye, but I didn't want him to have a reason to be teased. You want to protect your child from everything.

His first eye patch was awful. We bought it from the Eye Doctor. It was huge & took up his whole face. It got food on it & was in the way all of the time.

So, I set out to find a better patch option. I came across Anissa's Fun Patches. They were exactly what we needed.

Kaden wore his patches for almost 4 months. During those 4 months, I was amazed at how many people were affected by this. Everywhere we went, I had people coming up to ask me about Kaden's situation & tell me how they were affected one way or another. I had adults coming up to me telling me that they wished that their parents had taken care of the issue because they struggle with it now. I had moms coming & asking me where I had found the eye patches. My eyes were opened to a very common problem.

Once his left eye was as strong as his right eye, we ended up doing surgery to shorten the muscles of his eye. His eye still turned in when he concentrated, but now that his eyes were able to work together...the surgery would straighten his eye. He would still need his glasses to help keep his eye straight. The surgery went very well & had very little recovery. Kaden was back to normal in one day. It was amazing.

If he didn't wear his glasses, then his left eye would turn in, but as long as he wore them...his eye did just fine. Over the next year or was normal.

We went back to the eye doctor this week & Kaden is seeing better than he ever has before. The only issue is that his left eye is letting the right eye do all of the work again. So, we are back to patching 3 days a week. Kaden is excited to wear his patch. He wants to wear them to school & show all of the kids. We just ordered 5 new patches from Anissa's Fun Patches. I didn't receive any compensation for telling you this. I just wanted to share our story & hopefully help some of you out there who may be struggling with the same thing that our family has. I hope that my research & our experience with eye patches is able to help out other families.

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