Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bean Name Activity

I have a bit of Mommy Guilt on this one. When Kaden {our oldest} was starting his first, but final year of preschool...he knew all of his letters, the sounds that they made, & how to write his name. Now Preston {our youngest} will be starting his final year of preschool & doesn't really care to learn any of that. He is a little stinker when it comes to what he knows. I will play games & ask him questions, but he will tell me the wrong answer just so that I will leave him alone. Kaden used to love tell us everything that he knew.

I am feeling Mommy Guilt that Preston doesn't know how to write his name {I think!} So, over the next 2 weeks I am going to try to work with him a little more & try to get him to get excited about learning these things.

My niece just started Kindergarten & I saw this cute little project hanging up. I knew that Preston would get a kick out of it. Kaden liked it too! This was a great hands on activity that they didn't need my help. Preston LOVES using the glue all by himself.

All you need it glue, paper, a marker, & beans.

Kaden wrote his own name on his paper with the marker & I wrote Preston's. Then, they traced each letter with glue as we went along. After they traced the letters with glue...they stuck the beans on. Preston was in a great mood & we talked about the letters in his name.


Sandy said...

I know that my girls will love this! Anything the involves glue is perfect for them!

The Activity Mom said...

B is all about anything that involves glue too! =) I'm going to try it with him today.

You could use pasta if you wanted a reason to get him to do it again. =)


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