Thursday, December 18, 2008

**Salt Dough Ornaments--part 1**

Tonight, we were able to find a bit of time to make the salt dough ornament recipe. It was too much fun. A few things to note:

#1..I ended up mixing up 3 batches of the recipe...It made the amount of ornaments in the photo (plus a little left over for the kids to goof around with).

#2..I tested both the oven & the microwave method. I would definitely suggest the oven. It takes a lot longer, but they turn out way better. I only ended up cooking mine for 1 minute in the microwave & it came out with big bubbles & it wasn't a smooth surface. I did all of the rest in the oven & was very pleased with how they looked!

#3..We did most of the ornaments with cookie cutters, but at the very end we did some 3-D ones. I made our family of snowmen (& snowwoman) & the boys made balls with a hole in them. They were just giant clumps of dough, but they have character.

#4..I used a straw to make the hole for the ribbon. You still need to stir it around for a minute because the hole will shrink up a bit as you cook it, but I think that the straw made it quicker & the boys could help easier. Plus, the dough stays up in the straw.

Up to this point the directions that I gave you were great! It is really simple & the kids loved kneading the dough & mixing in the ingredients. Stay tuned for the second installment...PAINTING & EMBELLISHING! I am kind of excited to see how they turn out!

**If you make these, please let me know. I would love to see pictures of what you have done!

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