Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going Fishing...Part 1

This weekend Kaden found a stick & asked if we could make a fishing pole out of it. At first I thought of using paper & paperclips, but I wanted to make it a more permanent thing. I bought a wooden dowel for my other little guy & Kaden decided that he wanted a wooden dowel also.

Here is what you need:

foam shapes
wood dowels
silver book rings

I googled "fish coloring page" on the Internet & found a fish I wanted to use for my template. I printed it, cut it out, & then traced it onto the foam. Then, I cut out the foamie fish. After you cut out the foamie fish, make a hole near the mouth.

Next, the boys decorated their fish with the foamie shapes. When they are finished decorating, put the ring through the hole in the mouth. Now the fish are done. We made five fish per person.

I am waiting to do the fishing pole because we need to cut it down a bit. Hopefully I will post part 2 tomorrow. It all depends on if hubby cuts the dowels down tonight.

1 comment:

Cody and Val said...

They turned out cute...I'm sure the boys will have a lot of fun!


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