Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Organized

I love to collect craft supplies for the boys. After I buy the supplies, I put them on my "kids craft shelf" still in the plastic bag. Sometimes...they don't even make it that far. Lately, my "kids craft shelf" has spread into my food storage area, my craft area, & pretty much anywhere else. I have started to get frustrated because I can NEVER find what I am looking for.

Today when I was at Ross, I found an over the door shoe holder for $4.00 that gave me an idea. I took it home & started getting organized!!!

I put the things that the boys can use without a lot of supervision towards the bottom. Towards the top...I put the paint, ink, & other things that they need me for. I am so excited to show them this!!! Now everything is at our fingertips & EASY to find!!!!

**TIP: The shoe holder has UGLY metal hooks that hang over the door, but if you use the 3m mini hooks it works perfect...just wait 24 hours before you hang the shoe holder on the hooks!


Tiff said...

Love this! I too keep our craft stuff in the pantry...go figure it's the perfect place. Think I might just have to steal this idea from you. ;)

Sheri said...

I love these holders. I have one in our coat closet for gloves and scarves...and one in the office with numbers on it. I put the bills in the day I am suppose to mail them, the library receipts for the day the books are suppose to go back, wedding invitations for the day I need to prepare to buy the present, etc. Your craft holder idea fits right in with my style!

lifewiththelyngs said...

I use this idea too! I have one for crafts downstairs, and one upstairs that holds tools and other home-fix-it items.

Ticia said...

Great idea on those holders. I have a similar thing for my sewing supplies.


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