Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Postive Reinforcement

I have been trying to come up with an idea to reward my boys good behavior rather than focus on the negative. A while back I found these really fun & colorful Gems at Michael's.

I decided to draw a smiley face on the front on each gem. At first I used paint, but it came off too easily. For round 2 I went with a black Sharpie & that worked much better.

After I drew on the faces, I took my handy dandy glue gun & glued magnets onto the back of the gem. There were two sizes of magnets at Michael's..the small ones were just right.

Cute huh? Well, it is a great & cute idea, but I was struggling trying to figure out how to put it to work. Then I came across THIS idea at The Idea Room. It was a bit complicated for my boys, but I saw a way to execute the idea that I had started with.

Today we started giving the boys a smiley for every good thing they did. They have been so excited & willing to do things. I feel like sometimes we make a bigger deal over the negative things even though they do so many good things. This is a great way for us to focus on the good things that the boys matter how small!

At the end of the week we will add up their smileys & then they can go "shopping" for their rewards. Tomorrow I am going to get the container ready to hold their rewards & then I will post it.

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Shannon said...

Hi- I stumbled upon your blog today and LOVE all your ideas. Thanks for the reminder to acknowledge good behavior! That's something that is so easily forgotten with me. Amongst the tempers, stubbornness and fights between my two young boys there are so many opportunities to celebrate the wonderful brothers they are!


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