Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ribbon Spool Shakers

I have two sick little guys {with colds} but my baby {3} get pneumonia very easy. We are staying in for most of the week & it is harder on the kiddos because today is a SNOW DAY!!! I wanted to find something fun for them to make {with stuff I already had}. I came across this great New Year's shaker from Family Fun. Here is what you need:

paint brush
ribbon spools
tape (masking--NOT PACKING)
dry peas, beans, or rice

Cover one hole of your spool. You will need the other hole to put your dry peas in.

Pour some DRY peas (DRY beans or DRY rice) into the open hole of your spool. Just enough to make some noise...not FULL!! If your spool doesn't have a hole..use a pencil to make a hole big enough to put the peas in.

Cover the other open hole in the spool with your tape (or a sticker like we used).

Paint your spools. Top, bottom, & the sides.

Let them dry.

Set the kiddos loose putting stickers all over the painted ribbon spool. This was probably their favorite part.

Ta-Da!!! The boys are so excited to use these tomorrow night! I'm so glad that we sat down to make these!


The Activity Mom said...

Those turned out great. So fun!

Sherry said...

really CUTE idea!

jennwa said...

That is a fun ideas. Lots of fun.

Happy News Years to you!!!!


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