Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Notes

I have seen these cute little mailboxes popping up all over the blogging world. I love them!!! Last week, for family night {Family Home Evening} we talked about loving our family & different ways that we can show that we love them. The little mailboxes tied in PERFECTLY. I bought mine at Target in the dollar section. Michael's also had some, but they were around $4.00. We decorated them with paper & stickers. At the end of the lesson, we challenged everyone to do AT LEAST one thing of love for the mailboxes. Sometimes you get a treat, other times it is a note, & sometimes it a hand drawn picture. The boys have REALLY gotten into it. Kaden {who loves to write} makes everyone cute little notes. It has been a great focus for our family this week!


Our Little Family said...

So cute! I have one that I picked up last year, but have yet to do anything with it. How GREAT for every family member to have one. I LOVE that idea!

And, I'm happy to see a new post. I've been missing the fun ideas!!

The Activity Mom said...

Great idea. I just picked up one of those and wasn't sure what my plan was. Thanks!


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