Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Butterfly Hot Dog

Preston's preschool has a theme each week. The next two weeks are BUGS!!! I wanted to have activities that coordinate with their theme & today on ONE PRETTY THING they had a hot dog butterfly. The directions are on GOURMET MOM ON THE GO. She has so many great ideas over there so check it out!

It is pretty basic. Take 2 biscuits (Grands or whatever)& cut them in half. Put 2 halves together with the straight ends out. Do the same for the other side. Place your hot dog in the center.

Mix an egg & 1 Tbsp water in a bowl. Separate into bowls & add food coloring. Set the kiddos loose "painting" the biscuits with the egg mixture & a clean paint brush.

Bake ate 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Preston had a great time "painting" his butterfly wings.

He had requested that we had a picnic, but it was short lived. The hornets seemed to really LIKE Preston's painting because they wouldn't leave it alone. We ended up sneaking back inside.


Sherry said...

How fun is that! My Lu would love it! Gourmet mom on the go is the best too!

Susana said...

This is so cute and so creative. Never seen any butterfly creation like this one!


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