Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is it Halloween yet?

"Is it Halloween yet?" Are you sick of hearing that yet? I have to admit that I am. Everyday Preston (3 years old) asks if it is Halloween. I am not really looking forward to hearing that for the next 22 days. Don't get me wrong...I am excited too! Today the boys decided to make a Halloween Countdown. I was all for it!!! Preston has been VERY interested in my paper cutter (for scrapbooking). I measured out the paper & they cut it. Then, they went crazy making the links. Normally, I would have "led" the kids to make a pattern, but I have been working on letting them do their own thing. It is getting easier with each project!

I used a sign from the dollar store & hung the chain from it. We hung it on their door because it needed a little decor. The boys are so happy!!


jennwa said...

We do this for Christmas and my kids love it. I love the idea of adding the chain to the sign. That will be on Christmas to do list.

Our Little Family said...

So cute! We did this for Maddie's second b-day and it was a huge hit. We'll have to make one for Halloween too! Thanks for sharing!


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