Monday, October 5, 2009

Paper Plate Spider

As I mentioned below...Kaden had a friend come over after school. I needed a quick and easy craft to do with 2 five year olds & a three year old. This was PERFECT!! There are a few different variations on the internet. I wasn't as organized with my pictures as usual, but you get the idea.

You will need:

paper plates (one per spider)
eight strips of paper (cut your paper length wise)
large google eyes (2 per spider)
string (if you want to hang it up)
crayons & markers

Turn your plate upside down & color the top.

Accordion fold the strips of paper & glue to the underside of the plate. (The side that you didn't color.)

Glue on your google eyes onto the colored side of your plate. I poked a hole in the middle of the plate & strung a string through it. The boys wanted to hang it from their beds.


Our Little Family said...

I absolutely love this!! Your blog is so fun and I always look forward to checking it. My daughter and I made our own spider and I gave you a shout out/link over on my blog. Thanks for all the great ideas!!


Miller Moments said...

Very cute! My spider lovin' boys will really enjoy this one. Plus what a cute Halloween decoration.

~Sara said...

We made these last year. They are so cute!

Ticia said...

LOVE it! What a fun idea, and how fun would it be to have those hanging all over your house?

jennwa said...

That is such a fun and easy Halloween craft.

Thanks for linking.

Adriana said...

Very cute! My boys would love this one too!


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