Sunday, October 25, 2009

Postive Reinforcement Update

We have been rewarding the boys with "POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT" since August. I have loved the idea & it has worked out AMAZING for our family. The boys love to get smileys & are so happy to help. Rather than always punishing the bad behavior...I feel like I am focusing more on rewarding the good. :) Click on the link if you want to see what we have been doing. It works great for littler people.

We have added a new twist to our rewards recently. My kiddos are used to getting smaller things that they ask for. We have started to include their requests into our reward bucket. For example, Kaden's school has school t-shirts & sweatshirts that the kids wear on certain days. Kaden really wanted to get one. So, I ordered a t-shirt & a sweatshirt, but now he has to earn it. When you do this...make sure that you set it at a goal that they can reach. My guys typically earn 20-25 smileys a week, but they have gotten over 30 before. I put his shirt at 25 & the sweatshirt at 30..that way...he has to work a bit harder to reach his goal, but it is within his reach. I see him going out of his way to earn those smileys & when he earns his reward it means so much more to him. I feel like he is learning so many great lessons from this & we are all HAPPY!!!!


Our Little Family said...

That is SO awesome! I remember reading your post about the system you'd set up and just loving it. I'd really like to implement something like this once Maddie is a tad older.

So happy it's working for you guys!

Adriana said...

Wonderful idea!


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