Monday, March 8, 2010

Tot School...The Letter 'A'

I have been wanting to start "Tot School" for a few weeks now. I have seen it on other blogs & really liked the idea! Today is our first day. I am not exactly sure of the logistics of tot school, but for us...I just wanted something more structured for Preston & I to do together while Kaden is at school. Preston goes to Preschool twice a my goal is to do it at least 3 times a week {on the days that he doesn't have preschool}. I am going to plan my ideas a week at a time.

I have also been wanting to make letter pages with Preston. Then, some other bloggers mentioned an Alphabet Book. BINGO!! That was exactly what we needed! I plan on doing other books with Preston too. Preston is a very smart kid, but doesn't like to preform & show off what he knows. If you thinks that you are trying to teach him or get info out of him...he will tell you the wrong answer until you leave him alone. It can be frustrating. I want to reinforce what we have taught him, but in a fun way.

We started today with the natural choice 'A'. {I have a thing about going in order!} I wanted his book to be something that he can use & even take with I cut an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of cardstock in half. That size would be more manageable. Then I cut an 'A' out of gingham cardstock. {It reminds me of a picnic table cloth.} I put his papers & some paint {& glue..not shown} on one of the trays that I bought HERE.

Preston glued the 'A" onto the paper & we talked about what it was. He does know 'A' already. Then we got some of the paint ready. Preston ♥ sticking his finger in the paint & making little ants. He got pretty carried away. We love the Letter Factory movie by while we made the project we sang:

"The 'A' says AHHHHH
The 'A' says AHHHHH
Every letter makes a sound
The 'A' says AHHHHH"

I hurried & took this picture before the "ants" were dry. We will add legs & feelers to them later. :)
My plan is to punch holes in it & using loose leaf rings to attach them together.

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