Friday, June 25, 2010

Preparing for Surgery

Both of my boys are going in to get their tonsils out next month. I have a little experience with surgeries with the boys, but nothing like this. Kaden had eye surgery a few years ago, but he was only out for about a day. When my kiddos think back on their surgery...I want them to remember the good parts. So, I decided to make them each a little care package. Here is what I plan on putting in it:

comfy jammies
a movie
coloring book

Do you have any other ideas?


Amanda said...

Flavored apple sauce! The doctor will give them some great meds but I couldn't swallow any of them. My mom crushed baby tylenol and mixed it will apple sauce for me!

Crystal said...

My son just had adenoid surgery a few weeks ago. The one thing that I think helped was that we "acted" out the surgery. Our ENT gave us a picture book that explained the surgery, so I read that to him a few times and acted out the book. I had him use his doctor kit and operate on his stuffed animals, daddy and me. We then did the same thing. I have pics on my blog as an example...

Good luck! The first 48 hours after were rough. Be sure to have plenty of yogurt, pudding, ice cream, and anything else cold on hand! :)


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