Thursday, June 3, 2010

What To Do? {part 2}

This week, the boys & I set out to the Dollar Tree. They have a great section of workbooks for kids. There are workbooks for all different ages & subjects. We picked up a few workbooks for each of the boys.

Kaden will be going into First we picked up:

A First Grade Addition
"The Amazing Spider-Man" Printing Practice
Disney Time and Money
First Grade Reading Workbook
A First Grade Workbook that is about simple fractions, money, alphabetical order.
Scooby Doo Addition & Subtraction

Preston will be on his last year of we picked up:

Pre-K First Words
Pre-K to K Colors & Shapes
A Preschool Workbook about thinking skills, sounds & symbols, & number sets
Pre-K to K Beginning Sequencing
Math with Bert & Ernie

We also picked up a "Manuscript Tablets" for journals & writing.

All for $1.00 each. We should be set for a good part of the summer. Every morning...Monday through Friday we will do a few pages in our workbooks. I hope that it will help them retain more of what they have already learned & that I can help them be prepared for the fall.

Stay tuned for our next part in the "What To Do" series.

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