Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What To Do? {part 1}

Summer Break is officially here. Even if the weather outside doesn't show it. I decided that I was going to continue to make sure that the boys are learning. It helps that they love it. So, I am going to spend some time telling you the things that we like to do over the Summer Break.

Today, I am going to talk about going to your local library. Sometimes I forget that we have that resource available. We were very lucky to have a new library built close to our house. The boys LOVE to go to the library. There are computers with educational games that they can play. They love to pick out their books.

I have a weak spot for children's books. There is something about beautiful illustrations or a good, fun story that calls to me. I have to admit that I love choosing books as much as the boys do.

I ALWAYS bring a reusable shopping bag to take our books home in. We always end up filling it. When we arrive, I tell the boys how many books they can choose. {Sometimes we go over, but at least they have an idea.}

When the books make it home. They stay in the shopping bag. The boys know right where their books are & when it is time to return the books...I know right where they are. I don't have to go digging through their room to find the missing book.

Having new books to read is fun & exciting. The boys want to read that much more when we have new books that they got to pick.

So, take an outing out to your library. It is a fun experience & it is free. Most libraries also offer activities & story time. Check out what is available to you!


Sunset Stanley said...

The library is so wonderful! I love looking at your blogs and getting ideas for Bella. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

Tiff said...

We go to our library once a week and check out 30 books at a time! I love it!


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