Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Earth Day Ideas

I found a few more fun things for Earth Day.

To start out the day, I think that we are going to go on a nature walk & try to collect a few things like rocks, pine cones, dandelions, etc.

I am saw this around Easter, but it can be used anytime. You use dandelions to paint with.

Here is a cute idea for a water bottle maraca from Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

Here is a pine cone bird feeder.

I really like this Egg Carton Buggy Mobile from Kaboose.

I still haven't found the blog post about making the juice bottle bird feeder. From what I remember...you clean the bottle & remove any labels. Cut an oval shaped hole in the side of the bottle lengthwise, but high enough that the bird seed doesn't spill out. You could put a wooden dowel underneath it for the birds to stand on. Poke holes in the top by the lid of the bottle & thread string through the holes. Hang the bird feeder in the trees. I think we will try this tomorrow, so I will post better directions with pictures.

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