Friday, April 3, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

I ran across this blog
today & it had the cutest idea. I think meals (especially lunch) can get boring, but there is a group of moms that does "Muffin Tin Monday". They do themes...colors, holidays, shapes, etc. (The picture below is rainbow) I will be out getting some silicon muffin tins this weekend so that we can start "Muffin Tin Monday".

Here are the themes that are listed on the sidebar of her blog:

04.06.09: Easter/Spring
04.13.09: No Theme
04.20.09: MTM goes AWOL! (Take your tin to another location..park, bedroom, friend's house, etc.)
04.27.09: Under the Sea (Ocean, Sea Life, etc.)

**Check out her blog & the other people who do Muffin Tin Monday. They have some to the cutest ideas to do with your kids. Tonight we will be making hand print bunnies.

1 comment:

Michelle Sybert said...

Thanks for linking to Muffin TIn Monday!

Give me a few minutes and I'll post your tin to the site!


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